Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh 'Momzoo' tagged me and I am to write the Top 10 reasons why I like to Blog!
So here it goes!
10-It is fun to be a blog stalker! I look at blogs of old friends and take a peek into their lives and they don't even know it! But, it really bugs me when I know people are doing the same thing to me!
9-Blogging helps me put things into perspective in my own life as I think ,a lot, about what I will blog about.
8-Since I have been sick it has gotten pretty lonely on many days and blogging has been a great friend. I have really liked getting comments.
7-As I have checked out others blogs I have learned so much stuff! I have tried some great recipes...I am making cowboy beans and cornbread today that I got from "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". I have been spiritually uplifted from an Easter post on "Biblical Womanhood". I have ordered some books from another and learned about a new craft project from another and been given a boost to straighten up and get organized (thanks Aimee) and the list goes on and on.
6-I try to post things that maybe others might learn or be edified or even a return favor to those that have done the same for me.
5-It is a really fun way to get connected and stay connected to family members and friends and even those that check my blog out and don't comment!! We all know what is going on in each others lives and that helps to bind us together in a unique way.
4-BD even checks out my blog to see what is going on in my head! I wish he had a blogspot!
3-Blogging has helped me become more efficient on my computer. I can do a lot more things because I have learned how to do all kinds of stuff so I can do blog posts!
2-Blogging is the "in" thing to do...and since I can't look or dress or act "in" or "hip" or whatever (see I don't even know the right way to say it) least I can blog.
1-I really have no idea why I do this because it really does expose my life and my thoughts and my weaknesses. I guess I just thought if I could share my life with you...that you would share your life with me....and we could be friends! Wow, I think I just wrote a song!

I am tagging Rachel Alder, Ann Montgomery and Abby


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Don't you LOVE "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman"! She reminds me a lot of you. I have made several of her recipes and they have all been a hit.

I think it is really fun to see what other people are really like. I have had Mike say thing like "I had know idea you felt that way" or "I didn't know you liked that" etc....

BigDaddyandBekBek said...

Ya, every time I start typing away I get a little 'elf' looking over my shoulder. I finally made a peeking until I am done! BD usually sits right down when I am done to see what I said.

I LOVE Pioneer Woman's recipes.

mjs ashworth said...

Blogging is the best! I feel like I know the "cousins" better now then I ever did hangin out with them at LEAST weekly! It's fun, and it totally energixes me to read other people's blogs! Love your blog, keeps me smiling, and laughing! So keep the posts coming!

Chris & Tarisa Todd Family said...

Oh my your blog is joyous! I laugh at it often. I think I've even cried. You really could write a song, because you are so poetic and can even make people cry! HAHA

Lawson Family said...

joh boy! I can't believe you tagged me. I love your blog it is so much fun to read. I look forward to it everyday!!

Brooke & Dannon said...

Well said Beki! It's fun to see the different reasons why people like blogging.

Shawna said...

It's fun to keep updated on whats going on in your life through reading your blog, even though we only live a few houses away! Love the pictures!