Friday, February 22, 2008


Happy Birthday Kris! We want to honor you today and we will begin with the most "famous"photo ever taken of you!!!

K is for KINDNESS. Kris is the most kind and thoughtful person we know. She never misses a phone call on your birthday. She is famous for her cookies and brownies that are so delicious and she will drop them by for a 'thank you' and really we need to be thanking her! She is so kind and accepting of everyone and is so careful not to offend. Kris is without a doubt the kindest person we know.
R is for RELIGIOUS. Kris loves and lives her religion. She does everything that is asked in all her callings and then some. She is an AMAZING visiting teacher! She talks all the time about being together forever with all of her family and how important this is to her. If we make it to 'heaven' in the next life...we know we will find Kris there!
I is for INVESTED. Whatever Kris is involved in she is totally invested in it. Whether it is family, or her job, or U of U sports...she gives it her all. You can count on Kris to be there and doing her best no matter what.
S is for STYLIN'. For someone who does not like to shop...she always looks great. She has such cute clothes. At work and at she looks so darling. She even looks good in her workout clothes. She has great shoes too and the best jewelry to go with every outfit. Yes, Kris is certainly 'stylin'.
We love you Kris and hope you have a really wonderful birthday.
Mark & Beki
aka Big Daddy & BekBek


Jason&Lindi said...

so I can't quite tell what that picture is about... I sure love Kris too!

Lawson Family said...

Happy Day Kris!!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...


mjs ashworth said...

Amen to everything! Kris is the greatest! Happy Birthday Kris!