Sunday, March 16, 2008

Business Matters

I have two matters of business to conduct at this time.
First of all I know I should change my template to reflect a more appropriate image of what my current posts discuss...but I think these little piggys are so dang cute I can't quite give them up yet. Sorry.
Secondly, If you read my blog...please comment! I feel like I am talking and nobody is listening! You know the when you are trying to teach the children...and duhhhhh. If you do not have a blog account you CAN email me at Even if you are a STALKER...identify yourself! Maybe we could be friends!
That's all!


Living~Laughing~Loving said...

Never give up, even if it seems like no one reads! I know there are a couple blogs I read and just never comment on. My philosophy is just keep writing until people start reading. And I've found that to keep my hope with the process, I have to make the writing be more for myself than for anyone who might read it.

I hope that helps! (And I love the piggies...)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I am here and I am still reading. Love your Blog!!!!

mjs ashworth said...

I am a daily reader, and lover of your blog!!

Lawson Family said...

I check your blog very often, and I love how much you update it. Its fun to read! p.s., looks like you have a stalker!

Lawson Family said...

p.s. you always get more comments than me so you are doing great!

Jason&Lindi said...

I am a daily reader as well! You are a great story teller and it spills right into your blog!