Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, the things we EAT!

I love to eat! One of my favorite things to eat is chips and salsa! Now I know that chips and salsa are not the most healthy food to be eating, but I don't care, I love them! I can honestly say I have not met a salsa I did not like. Or a chip either. Oh, I have my favorites. You just can't beat a good ol' corn Dorito. I really like the thick greasy chips that they make in Mexico! I really like my salsas with some spice! BD likes his mild...really mild...which is kind of odd because he is a pretty spicey kind of guy...(we can talk about this later!) Anyway, don't you think the best part of going out to eat is when you are so hungry and the waiter brings out a pile of chips and salsa before you even order!!! You can just sit there and eat and eat. BD always tries to pace himself so he doesn't get too full before his meal comes. I never worry about that because, to me, if I am too full of chips and salsa, who cares, the best part of the meal is usually the chips and salsa anyway! Yummy yum yum!!!
P.S. the above photo is me...after a good batch got it...chips and salsa!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Those piggies are so cute! HA!

You are so right, chips and salsa before a meal at a resturant is the best! My favortie is to melt shredded cheese on top of the chips and then eat them with salsa, I like that for dinner or snacks or midnight snacks or lunch or to celibrate a load of laundry folded.... ;-)

mjs ashworth said...

I am with you 100% I am a lovewr of chips and salsa too! I even love Nacho's more. OH and the best is when they put a little cheese in the ya feel me?!?!?

mjs ashworth said...

P.S. I {love} the new template! Tinkerbell just wasn't my FAVE!!

Lawson Family said...

Okay so I love the post and love chips and salsa, but your templates lately are just cracking me up! I love the pigs, and I often feel like that after I eat a nice big helping of chips and salsa. But I must say we need to take a trip to EL Matadore to enjoy the chips and salsa there!

Jason&Lindi said...

My problem is that I could over eat on ANYTHING in a restaurant! Salsa and chips are the best, my mom makes the best salsa in the whole world!

Chris & Tarisa Todd Family said... make me miss Mexico when you even say the word!!! I love Chips and Salsa too, but I like a little cheese in with the salsa. I know that's not your fav though.