Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Thank you for asking me some very important questions. First of all let's discuss the price of gas! I have heard that the very best way that we, as the ordinary people, can do anything to make a difference is to STOP buying gas at all Mobile and Exxon gas stations! If all Americans would do this it would force gas prices down! But, I went by an Exxon station yesterday and the cars were lined up waiting to buy their gas. I just don't get it. So, pass the word around and maybe we can change things!

Now, about children fighting and minding....Well, what can I say. Look at what my kids are STILL doing and they are adults!
Seriously, I can give you some great advice because I have finished the task. It is just like when
you don't have any children you have all the answers for those that do!
First of all...most of the time the kids are fighting for YOUR attention!
If you can force yourself to not get involved and allow the kids to work things out. This is really hard to do because when the kids realize you are not stepping in to 'referee' they get louder and more intense. It will take a few fights, but the kids will settle down and realize that they can nicely work out their differences with one another. If you really look at it there are a very few times when you need to be involved in their fights. Let them work it out.
Next....minding. There is only one answer for this and that is to be CONSISTANT.
Give them rewards and consequences for their actions and stick to it.
For example, if you ask them to do the dishes and they don't do it...then they know they cannot watch TV the rest of the night.
Or, if they do the dishes they know that they get a huge hug and kiss and a thank you and an offer for an extra story at bedtime.
You never have to yell or get mad or ask more than once...because they get a reward or consequence of their choosing. Once they figure out it is their choice they become better at minding because they don't feel forced and they feel like they are in charge. Funny thing is...they aren' are! Just be consistant.
Both of these things are HUGE issues when the kids are young. I know the anguish of trying to get the kids to mind and to get them to stop fighting. I think you can try all the techniques in the world but the thing that truly was the BIGGEST help to me was to follow the prophets council to have FAMILY HOME EVENING and to read the BOOK OF MORMON every day. The promises that have been made to us if we do these two things are amazing. We are promised that there will be more harmony in our homes and that children will be more obedient!
Exactly what we are looking for!
Just remember I only THINK I know everything! So take my suggestions with a grain of salt!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Thanks, that is great advice.

Question...why should we not buy from those gas stations? I must have missed the memo. Are Cheveron and Flying J ok?

Chris & Tarisa Todd Family said...

Mom, you sound like Dr. Laura. You are one smart women. I love you, and one day you hopefully will help rule a world!

BigDaddyandBekBek said...

Yes Aimee Chevron and Flying J are a.o.k.
Tarisa...I wanna rule now!

mjs ashworth said...

Good advice! Any suggestions for growing money trees?

Jason&Lindi said...

I love the advice! So why not Exxon or Mobil? I am going to come to you with all my big questions from now on!

Lawson Family said...

I knew the gas topic would be a big hit!! I do appreciate your advice about the children. As I was reading I kept saying wow she has so much knowledge, I am so lucky to have her as my MOM!

Kathy J said...

Doesn't Exxon amd Mobile get all their oil from the middle East. Sinclair and some of the others use domestic oil. Also, If no one goes to the largest companies (Exxon, Mobile) they would have to cut their prices to get people to come and the others would follow. That's what I heard anyway.