Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, here we are in of my favorite months for several reasons.
First of all February is fun to spell.
Second, February usually marks the end of Winter. Now, I love Winter a lot, but by this time of year I am ready to see the end of it. In February there are always some signs that Spring is coming.
Next, I had two babies in this month, and think it is the perfect time. I don't think I will have any more in this month but, it was good while it lasted!
Finally, February is the 'Love Month'. Now, of coarse, that means Valentines Day, but even better I think it is a time to think about what I love.
So, since I am a blogger now I decided I would write each day about what I love. This will not be mushy, I promise, but it will be a good exercise for me to think about the good things in life.
Today is February 1st and I want to say that I love President Gordon B. Hinckley.
Today was his funeral and I watched it on TV for about 5 hours! Too much? No! I learned to love and appreciate him even more. Can you imagine being in the total dedication of church service for over 60 years? I think it is so cute how he loved his wife and spoke about her being the girl of his dreams. He was a dear man. I am also excited for our new Prophet. It is always interesting to me how I receive a witness of the calling each time we get a new prophet. I can't wait.
That's all for today...


Ashworth's In Az said...

thats cute! I can't wait to read each day about what you love! Maybe on the 19th it will be me?!?