Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ranch

I love the ranch! Today I love it for different reasons than you might think. It is the dead of winter up there right now. Big Daddy and I went up there today because "BD" needed to feed the horses and plow out the drifts up the lane so the gas man can come. We took Dannon with us to help with the digging. It was a lucky thing
he came because it took the two of them 5 hours!
This photo doesn't do justice to the huge
drifts of snow. But, isn't Dannon a hand-
some son!
Yes, the drifts were huge. I stayed in the cabin all day and did my own thing! It was so quiet and peaceful there. I love the ranch, even for a day. I get a whole new lease on life up there. The beauties of nature are there in every season of the the sun and shadows and snow were incredible. I tried to take some pictures that would tell the story of the beauty, but none of them can truly show what we saw. So , trust me, it was really great. Well, it is nearly the middle of February and I have not run out of things that I love yet!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Those pictures are pretty. I am so glad there is a lot of snow up there, the water is needed!!!

I love the ranch too, I have so many wonderful childhood memories of the Ranch. My kids love it up there, they talk about it all the time. I am so grateful that you guys are so willing to share it!

Ashworth's In Az said...

That snow is amazing!It is so beautiful, and I would love to be there sitting in front of the fire reading a good book!

Lawson Family said...

What a beautiful picture. The snow is amazing and wow Dannon is one good lookin' guy!