Friday, February 29, 2008


I LOVE the sunrise! This has not always been the case however. I remember when I was young my Grandma (Dede) would call my Dad and tell him to look out at the beautiful sunrise. This drove me crazy. In Idaho there were not mountains close by so the sun came up around 5:30 am! I remember thinking that it was stupid to wake up that early just to see the sunrise.
As I have matured I realize that truly there is nothing more beautiful than the rising of the sun. Even this morning as the sun came up...there were no spectacular colors as there is sometimes. But, the simple beauty of the light chasing away the darkness and the understanding that it is a new beginning to a day that is waiting for me to make an imprint for good or for...something. I always feel 'fresh' when I watch the sun come up...I can't really describe the feeling better than simply 'fresh'. Maybe it is the clean, and usually cool air that comes along early as the sun rises.
The sun doesn't come over the mountain until 8:00am, so really there is no excuse why I don't see it every morning...but I do forget to look...what a missed blessing it is to get so busy...or so lazy...that I let an opportunity go by to not recognize the beauty and reflect on it's significance. Oh, how I wish I had Dede to give me call, so very early, to wake up to see the sunrise.
The sun comes up super early at the Ranch. Our bedroom window faces East and many times I roll over at 5:00 and see the sunrise and then roll back over and sleep for hours longer. That is really great! BD is always up early and has probably seen more sunrises than I will ever see in my whole life. So, today I have a greater love and appreciation for the beauty of a sunrise.


Lawson Family said...

Mom, those are beautiful pictures, and yes how you described a sunrise was perfect. I haven't really seen a ton of them, but I am seeing more now that I have kids.