Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy BirthdayBigDaddy

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!
This is not just ANY birthday for Mark...this is the big 50! I had a huge suprise birthday party planned for him with a live band and everything...of coarse most of you already know that because you were invited and then uninvited...Big Daddy did not think the party was a good idea and reminded me that what 'goes around comes around' I cancelled the shin-dig...ok so really the whole thing was just to be funny so don't feel offended if you didn't get a flyer!
I couldn't think of a thing to do or a present to buy that could say Happy Birthday good enough for the 50 years of Mark's life. I have had to settle for dinner on the town with the family and some token gifts...and this little tribute! I could list 50 reasons why Mark is great...but that would really get boring, so I will condense it down to the BIG TOP 5!!!
1-Mark is so NICE. He is so very kind hearted. He even treats strangers nice. He is really trying to help me be nice. (He thinks I need a lot of help in this area) but, what a great teacher I have.
2-Mark is so GENEROUS. He is generous with both his time and his money. I know I can call on him for any reason and he never says no. Not only is he generous with me...he spoils the kids and grandkids really bad. I am sure if you are reading this have been on the receiving end of his generous ways!
3-Mark is devoted to his religion. He is a MORMON MAN. He honors his Priesthood and follows the Lord's every command. I respect and honor him for this and try to be as devoted as he is.
4-Mark is a wonderful HUSBAND and FATHER and PA. We all love him. He is the man of my dreams...really I used to dream about him...and I still do! He is a great example to copy to be a great husband, father and grandpa.
5-Mark is LOVEABLE. He is fun to be around because he is accepting and funny and fun. Everybody loves him. If he has been your boss or bishop or neighbor or just love him...of coarse I love him more than anyone else does. I am almost sure of that! He is my beacon in the dark. I love him with every capacity I have...and can't even say more than that.
But most of all I love him because he loves me...he loves me no matter my size or shape or mood . He loves me no matter how I feel or what I do. Big Daddy is simply wonderful.
(oh boy, is he ever gonna be crazy when he sees this post!)


mjs ashworth said...

Happy Birthday Dad! I totally agree with everything that was said!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark! I ditto everything Beki said! You really are a wonderful guy!!!!

Lawson Family said...

Great post. Dad really is an incredible man who I love millions!

Kathy J said...

He is the best, as a receiver I am eternally grateful. happy 50 to him!

Brooke & Dannon said...

Amen to that Beki! He is all that and so much more! Happy Birthday Mark!

Chris & Tarisa Todd Family said...

Let me expound on his giving attitude...For his 5oth he took all of us crazy kids out to dinner and paid for it. What the heck? It's his birthday!!! He is so giving and somebody I truly admire. Love ya dad. Great post mom.

Jason&Lindi said...

Happy Birthday Mark! You are such a great uncle!